Important Information

Broker Name is not an issuer

Broker Name does not issue any Digital Currencies to its Approved Users. It solely provides an exchange which enables Approved Users to buy, sell, exchange or trade Digital Currencies.

Broker Name may act as market maker

Broker Name may act as a market maker in relation to Digital Currencies on the Broker Name Exchange from time to time. This means Broker Name may buy and sell Digital Currencies that it owns to create market liquidity. Broker Name may make a profit on the difference between the sell price and the buy price. (This difference is called a bid-offer spread).

You access the Services at your own risk

Buying, selling and trading Digital Currencies is a very risky activity. Digital Currencies may experience extreme price volatility. You should carefully consider whether using the Services is suitable and affordable for you in view of your personal circumstances and financial resources. You should also take independent financial advice. Once a Transaction involving the transfer of Digital Currencies has completed, it is impossible to reverse it. See the “Risks of Use” section here. Broker Name does not make any warranty or representation in relation to any Digital Currencies or any network or software which underlies or supports any Digital assets.

Private key risk

Extreme caution must be taken whenever selecting, storing or transmitting private keys. If another person learns your private key, they can steal your funds. Also, if you forget or lose your private key or password details, Broker Name cannot provide a back-up and this can result in the loss of your Digital Currencies. We strongly recommend you use secure cold storage.

No guarantee

Neither Dasset, nor any other person, guarantees or underwrites any transaction entered into via the Services, nor assumes any responsibility or liability for any loss you incur in using the Services or accessing the Site.

No solicitation

Nothing on this Site, including this document or the Terms and Conditions, is a solicitation of investment nor relates in any way to an offering of securities in any jurisdiction.

No offer document

Broker Name does not issue securities and no offer document has been or will be prepared or registered in relation to the Services, any Digital Currencies, or the Site under any securities legislation in any jurisdiction.

Terms of use may change

Broker Name has the right to change the Terms and Conditions and to change or withdraw Services in certain circumstances, including to comply with law or regulator guidance. You should check the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy regularly. By continuing to access the Site and to use the Services you will be bound by any amendments to them. Please see here for copies of the latest versions of those documents.